External Sounds Christmas Hoedown ft External Sounds Djs, Copious (Live) & Dj Lay Low Leee, Monday 26th Dec 2011 @ THE Purple Room

Posted by external sounds on December 19, 2011

External Sounds is having a good old Christmas Hoedown at the Purple Room on St Stephens’s night. Supplying the soundtrack to this festive knees up is the External Sounds residents djs, who will be joined by a live performance from Electronic/Instrumental Hip Hop duo ‘Copious’, as well as a set from one of the Drogheda’s new breed of dj talent ‘LayLow Leee’.
Couple this great musical line up with the fact of everybody ‘s enforced 2 day absent form a nightclub, and we got all the ingredients for a real Christmas cracker!
Doors open at the earlier the usual time of 10pm. Admission is €7, with a discounted rate of €5 before midnight.

Copious are an Irish electronic/ instrumental hip-hop duo consisting of musicians Dermot O Mahony and Gareth Kinsella from Drogheda Co. Louth. The group formed in 2002 and has seen an ever-changing line up of band members over the years usually assembled to play live shows eg.Tadhg Murphy (National Philamonic and Royal Irish Chamber Orchestra), Keith Kelly (Cachimbo), Ian Earle (Rythmatix), Danny Mc Eoin (Intinn), Rob Kearney, Gary Martin and Rob Mullen (External Sounds Dj's). In 2011 the band reverted back to the two founding members and have been producing synth and MPC based music with live drums since then. The duo are set to release their debut EP Attack From The Attic in mid 2012, which promises to deliver their usual blend of wailing synthesized sounds with monstrous beats, along with some more melodic and chilled out electronic rock and hip hop arrangements.

LayLow Leee
Leee is one of a wealth of young dj talent currently coming to the surface of the local electronic music scene. A regular guest at several club nights in the towns Purple Room venue, he has recently launched his own night called ‘Who Cares!?’ Not your conventional young dj, leee keeps his eclectic sets, deep & dubby, but most definitely always groovy.