Derek Hicks (NYC), Ford prefect (Beats & 2 Veg), Bank Holiday Sun 3rd of August

Posted by external sounds on JUly 22, 2008

This month External Sounds is bringing a bit of the Big Apple to the Purple Room, in the form of New York dj Derek Hicks. Derek hails from Brooklyn NY, and has just recently moved to Ireland. He cut his dj teeth on the New York free party scene many years ago and since then has played his trade at many different New York clubs, sounds systems and festivals, as well as managing Satellite Records in the city. He started one of New York’s first 'dubstep' nights a couple of years ago but doesn't like to be pigeon holed into one particular type of musical style. "I like to play lots of different styles, but have a sweet funky disco fetish" says Derek. "My sets can range from hip hop to deep disco to dancehall to techno. I'll be bringing some hot electro, 80s boogie and lazer crunk for the peeps at the next External Sounds jam." Derek recently recorded a set for our website, so i you would like a sneak preview of what to expect from him, check out his mix here

Not just content with New York on the night, external sounds is also bringing in dj Ford preFect from the far flung reaches of Dundalk. Dj Ford preFect aka Peter Mckeown is the man behind music collective 'Beats and 2 Veg'. After making a name for himself djing in New Zealand Peter returned home and began putting on events in McManus music venue in his home town of Dundalk. Beats and 2 Veg continues monthly in McManus after making a blistering debut there a couple of months ago. While in in New Zealand Peter had several club residency's as well as djing on radio stations on both islands and neighboring Fiji. He also played support to several international DJs when they made their way down to that part of the world. He plays an eclectic and adventurous mix of tunes including hip hop, disco, 60s garage, northern soul, electronica, alternative, rock'n'roll, reggae, soundtracks, classic techno, punk, new wave and even Johnny Cash and everything conceivable, and not so, in between.

As per usual the external sounds djs will also be on hand to supply the soundtrack to the rest of the night. The night starts at 11pm and access to the Purple Room is via the Star and Crescent Bar. Admission is 6 euros with a flyer or 7 euros without.